Bilas Hearts Craft

Jay Bilas spoke to Jason McIntyre of Big Lead Sports, and he was gushing about the game of one Aaron Craft.

Why does Bilas love the Buckeye point guard so much?

“Craft just does all the things that help you win. Defensively he’s without parallel as an on-ball defender because of his ability to get into you. He takes up space that normally you think belongs to you, and even when a point guard will back dribble, Craft takes up that space and they can’t get away from him. It’s really extraordinary watching him day after day. You can see why his coaching staff, especially Thad Matta, they hold him in such high regard, because you can talk about that stuff all you want, but very few guys are able to do it.”

This Photo Would Bring Bilas to His Knees

Bilas agreed with McIntyre’s assessment of Craft as the best returning point guard in the country. Then McIntyre asked if Bilas thought that meant that Craft would be a successful pro?

“I would want him on [an NBA] roster. Now Craft doesn’t shoot it, but he does everything else. He’d improve your culture. He would raise your work rate.”

Finally, Bilas provided his observations of Craft’s performance this summer.

“At that Lebron Camp, he was the best guard, even though he couldn’t score consistently. His defense, it changes the entire feeling on the floor. He takes really good players totally out of what they want to do…Craft’s team won just about every time.”

The pair also discussed paying college athletes, and Bilas shared some Bill Raftery stories. You can hear the whole thing here.


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