Meyer Comes Clean

Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer took his turn going through ESPN’s “Car Wash” today.

That meant a series of television interviews on SportsCenter, First Take and College Football Live; as well as appearances on ESPN Radio’s The Herd with Colin Cowherd and SVP & Russillo.

MeyerNaturally, the focus of many of these discussions was on the recent announcement that Meyer had suspended running back Carlos Hyde for at least the first three games of the 2013 season due to an altercation with a female patron at Sugar Bar 2 earlier this month.

“I spoke with the police afterwards, and they said a normal person, there’s nothing there. There’s no charges to be filed,” Meyer said. “However, when I saw the video, he needs to walk away from that situation. And we’re taught over and over and over again to get away, to get out of that situation.”

A couple of times, Meyer was pressed on why any punishment was necessary, given that no charges were filed, to which the coach answered, “You’re a high-profile guy, you represent an incredible institution, that’s nothing you need to be a part of. Get out of there. So that’s why he was suspended.”

Meyer maintains he has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to violence against women. “No phone calls, no group hugs, nothing. You’re done.” So Meyer would have dismissed Hyde had there been a criminal case. “I just think that’s different than typical college nonsense.”

As for Bradley Roby, who was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of battery after police said he struck a bouncer in the chest during a bar fight in Bloomington, Meyer said he was still waiting for all the facts to come in.

Other topics Meyer hit on?

  • There’s a full-time staffer devoted to patrolling what Ohio State football players say on social media.
  • Meyer admitted that this past January, Braxton Miller informed him one of his goals is to win the Heisman.
  • Although he has always been a big supporter of his former player and Heisman Trophy winner, Tim Tebow, Meyer today stopped short of endorsing him as NFL starter. “I think he needs to learn the game in the NFL.”
  • At the same time, Meyer did point out there were certain offenses he was sure Tebow could flourish in. He named the 49ers, Panthers and a handful of other teams as clubs that run a style that fits Tebow’s game.
  • Meyer had no issue with Florida’s decision, as well of that of the New England Patriots, to disassociate themselves from Aaron Hernandez, who is now facing a murder charge.
  • Admittedly, Meyer changed his approach at discipline when he was at Florida. “We went into rehab mode…We went on a mission to help, help, help; and we did. We helped a lot. We also failed a few times. So I’m much more guarded than I’ve ever been about second chances.”
  • He’s really counting on Christian Bryant and Ryan Shazier to step up and lead the defense this year.
  • With training camp set to start Sunday, Meyer said that the next three weeks will “make or break every team in America.”
  • Meyer told Scott Van Pelt his favorite cartoon character growing up was Popeye. It’s not hard to guess why.

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