When the Rangers Come To Town

Now that the NHL schedule is out, we know that the first time the New York Rangers will visit Nationwide Arena is November 7.

Of course, that means former Blue Jackets Rick Nash, Derek Dorsett, Derick Brassard and John Moore will be visiting their old haunt.

Should the CBJ salute the contributions of their former players with a video presentation or something similar?

Your opinion on that probably hinges on your feelings toward Nash. Although he remains the most accomplished player in club history, and he remains an awfully nice guy, the messy way he left still rankles some.

Even if simultaneously honoring the heart and soul efforts of Dorsett, the occasional brilliance of Brassard and the promise of Moore, the reception of some fans will be halfhearted at best if Nash is included.



3 thoughts on “When the Rangers Come To Town”

  1. You know, the only thing that bugs me about Nash or other professional athletes who ask for a trade or use free agency to move to a team with a high percentage chance of winning a championship is how dishonest they are when giving their reasons. You know the whole “it’s best for the team/I’ve always loved it here/this team has great fans” line of cow droppings. I mean, really, guys, most sports fans today grew up with free agency. Yes, we’d be disappointed you want to leave, but we’d understand if you just said something like, “Well, I’m getting older and don’t know how many more seasons I have left, so I really want to chase a championship.”

  2. I don’t care much about the rest of them, but Rick Nash gave us nine years of the best hockey Columbus has ever seen. A brief tribute seems appropriate. He’d still be here if competent management had been able to assemble a decent team around him. Too bad he couldn’t be on this current team, his abilities are just what is missing to make it a real contender! Sadly, he had to go to get the Jackets this close, but I’ll always be grateful that a player of his calibur and character was here as the CBJ began. No young player could have set a better example for kids just learning about hockey and becoming fans of the home team. I know and understand that my feelings are not shared by all, but that’s how I look at it.

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