Thomas With Some Surprising Answers

I think it’s very easy to confuse Deshaun Thomas’s game with Deshaun Thomas, the person.

You take a look at him throwing up shots like he’s mistaken the court for a launch pad, and think he’s nothing but selfish.

You think of the confidence it takes to put up all those shots, and imagine he’s nothing but cocky.

Combine that with his occasional malapropisms, initially refusing go give the Spurs his phone number…Well, you get the idea.

That’s why I find this video from after a workout with the Kings so interesting.

Thomas assures reporters that he’d be fine with being a role player–at least at first–when he enters the NBA. He also compares his game to that of Carmelo Anthony, and then realizing that he’s just put himself in the same sentence as the NBA’s top scorer from 2012-2013, backpedals. He suggests maybe a better comparison would be to Rasaul Butler. Rasaul Butler of all people! The guy is currently playing in the D-League.

Look, I realize that Thomas is probably receiving coaching from his agents on how to answer questions. He sometimes refers to himself in the third person. He frankly admitted being the Big Ten’s leading scorer was a goal of his during his senior season…

Again, you get the idea.

However, Deshaun Thomas is not simply a cartoon character, and we ought not to settle for two-dimensional portrayals of athletes in a three-dimensional world.

(Also of interest to Ohio State fans, Thomas starts out the interview by talking about Chris Jent and what he will bring to the Sacramento Kings.)


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