Bob Has Answers

The NHL provided a transcript of Sergei Bobrovsky’s Q&A with the media following his Vezina Trophy win:

        Q.  You were traded by a team that didn’t think you were a number one goaltender.  A lot of people were not sure that things were going to work out in Columbus.  They weren’t sure if it was smart.  How sweet is this moment for you to not only prove that obviously you can play in this league, but be the best goaltender in this league for an entire season?
        SERGEI BOBROVSKY:  (Through translation.)  When I was traded to Columbus, I didn’t think of what people said or people think.  The most important thing for me was to concentrate how I can help this team, what can I do better, how could I prepare myself to make this team even better.  That was my main focus.

        Q.  Do you feel like you can still become yet a better goaltender?  Is this as good as you could ever play or is there still room for personal improvement?
        SERGEI BOBROVSKY:  (Through translation.)  Without question, there is still a lot more work to be done.  This is not my final stage.  I can be better and I’m going to be better.

        Q.  Where do you stand contractually?  How close do you feel like you are to getting a new contract?  How much does this evening, not just the Vezina Trophy, but finishing as high as you did in the Hart Trophy, how does this help your argument, your and your agent’s position?
        SERGEI BOBROVSKY:  (Through translation.)  At this moment I would like to enjoy myself winning this prestigious award.  I’m not even thinking about contracts.  I’m sure it will all work out itself.
        Right now is the moment to celebrate, and later we will sit down with my agent and think about our next steps.

        Q.  Is there any chance you would leave for Russia to play in the KHL?
        SERGEI BOBROVSKY:  (Through translation.)  We’ll see.

        Q.  Wondering if you were surprised how quickly things came together for you in Columbus after the trade?
        SERGEI BOBROVSKY:  (Through translation.)  My main focus, as I said earlier, was to come there and play every game and concentrate on every single game.  I wanted to win every game I played.
        I didn’t think about how fast or how slow it was happening for me.  It’s a very difficult question.  But you can see it goes by so fast already.


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