Bob Has It Covered

To help promote his campaign for the cover of EA Sports NHL14, Blue Jackets goalie Sergei Bobrovsky took over the Twitter feed of the NHL Players Association today for about an hour and answered questions from fans.

Number one полицейский on the force

Here’s how the conversation went…

@NirouUme: How would you compare Columbus to other places you have lived before? #NHL14Bobrovsky #AskBobrovsky
Answer: “i’m not good at comparing, but i used to be comfortable in phil, st. petersburgh, and columbus. i like living there.”

@NirouUme: During a game, boxer or briefs?
Answer: “its somewhere in between”

@warren_br: do you miss playing for the flyers
Answer: “no doubt, for sure. i spend two HUGE seasons in philadelphia, there is still a part of me there”

@FlowerFleury8: Whats your favorite part about being a goalie? and why did you become one?
Answer: “it’s pretty hard to pick what part i like, i just like to be a goalie and everything which is related to it”

@Sethy_Vee: how were you feeling after your first career shutout?
Answer: “amazing!!! i’m very happy that it’s been there! haha”

@mkizziah: What went through your mind when the huge, sold-out crowd yelled MVP after the season closer? Can you feel the love?!
Answer: “it’s very good to see the reaction of the fans, taking this moment i want to say thank you to the fans for the support”

@BrendenCBJ_Fan: how does it feel to be in the cover vote
Answer: “its a remarkable moment, it’s like a complement for my goaltending. everyone would dream to be on the cover”

@TheGoalieGuild: Hey Sergei, where did your strong work ethic come from?
Answer: “i think it is all about parents who built this in me, if you want to reach goals, parents teach to work hard”

@JVReemer21: who was your favorite teammate in philly?
Answer: “basically everyone is a good friend, Riemsdyk included”
(This tweet was actually from Bobrovsky’s former Flyers teammate James van Riemsdyk.)

@PietranJello: How do you decide what to have painted on your goalie masks each year?
Answer: “this year i try to make it simple, i just secure a logo of columbus, my hometown and that’s it”

@lindzermac: we’ve all seen the #nhl14bobrovsky ad.. What’s your take on Nick Foligno’s man-hugs?
Answer: “i think it’s just fun, just emotions”

@CyRyHy: You’re tweeting to us from the stationary bike, aren’t you?
Answer: “haha not really, i took a break”

@BearsEtc: (This account is protected, but the question was regarding how much spare time Bobrovsky spends with his Columbus teammates.)
Answer: “when we are playing away games i do, when i am home, i stay with my wife. maybe more next season”

@rg161: if u didn’t play goalie, which position on the ice would u want to play?
Answer: “i never thought about it, this question contains ‘if’ and i’m happy i am a goaltender”

@the_jesses: What do you think of all the cop jokes?
Answer: “i heard something when they scream out my name in a funny way, i am indifferent”

@CCrowley4: Who’s got the best shootout moves on the Jackets?
Answer: “hard to pick, there are a bunch of them”

@abbyquirk: when people tweet in Russian why do they do ))))) what does that even mean
Answer: “it’s the sign of a smile )”

@DaHockeyGuy: What town is the best to play in when you are on the road?
Answer: “hard to pick, most of them are good”

@Pookeo9: What’s the hardest part being away from Russia?
Answer: “i feel comfortable in america, the same way in russia. i do miss friends and family that are far away”

@passittowardo: what’s your opinion on goalie chants?
Answer: “indifferent, i dont’ pay any attention to it”

@StasyBlackberry: Сергей Андреевич, учите кого-нибудь в НХЛ каким-нибудь русским словам? ну, например, “привет” или “пока”?
Answer: “sometimes i do, the words like ‘thank you’, ‘you’re welcome’ but thats for those who are interested”

@jmckeen14: there are many people like that, i always enjoy playing aganist strong teams. i like a challenge
Answer: “there are many people like that, i always enjoy playing aganist strong teams. i like a challenge”

@OpenWheelAddict: Do you realize how much this city (Columbus) LOVES YOU!?!? You are our savior!
Answer: “haha thank you”

@audividevive: What’s been the hardest thing you’ve had to overcome in your career?
Answer: “nothing was easy, my career is still undergoing, i don’t expect to come easy”

@Buddy_Doc: do you listen to any music before games to get in the zone? If so what song(s)
Answer: “sometimes i do, sometimes is dont. if i do listen to music, it’s from the club (techno)”

@MatthewWien: Do you have any superstitions?
Answer: “none. but i have a plan or routine, but not supersition.”

@Dgreins: who’s gonna win the Cup
Answer: “its not so easy to predict, all four teams can win”

@mattbryks74: what do you think of @bryzgoalie30?
Answer: “i have respect for bryz and learned a lot playing with him // we talked about many things, and continue to stay in touch”

@DanseDannielle: Do you hope to be at Sochi next year? Because we all do!
Answer: “yes for sure, every player dreams of playing in olympics in home country”

@mattcosta4:How was your expiriance in Philly? did you like the city? did u try any cheese steaks?
Answer: “haha. i like the city, i tried cheese steak…which is good”

@rivalpiper: What’s the best prank you’ve witnessed?
Answer: “it has never happened to me personally, and god forbid! all pranks are funny to see”

@MFoote_13: How does it feel to be matched up with @HLundqvist30 and Antti Niemi for the Vezina race?
Answer: “both of them are top goalies, it is an honor to be in the race with them”

@sydneystype: What is your favorite movie?
Answer: “hard to choose. gladiator”

@Janean_Fabino: which goal song do you hate to hear the most??
Answer: “on the ice i just focus on the game, i dont even remember any of them”

@Ben___Hubbard: How often do you eat borscht?
Answer: “my wife cooks borscht twice per month”

The End


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