Another Former Buckeye Apologizes

Former Ohio State football player Ray Small faces trial on drug-related charges and posted his apology to Buckeye fans on YouTube about a week ago.

Now former OSU linebacker Larry Grant is saying he’s sorry. If the NFL free agent signs with a team, he’ll have to miss the first four games of the upcoming season after violating the NFL policy on performance enhancing substances on April 19.

Here’s the statement he’s issued:

“I’ve waited far too long to say my apologies to my children, my family, and friends, the 49ers organization, the Buckeye nation, and my fans. Failing a drug test is far out of my character and although I never knowingly took a performance enhancing drug I take full responsibility for what goes in my body and more importantly for the embarrassment of a failed drug test.”

“It’s my goal by issuing this statement to clear my name and more importantly to be judged by what happens to me in the future. I hope that my family, my football family, all my fans, and Niner Empire can forgive me for this situation and I look forward to a successful 2013 season.”


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