Happy Memorial Day

This is steadily becoming one of my favorite “Fear the Hat” traditions.

Here’s a list of some of those who have devoted their time and energy to preserving our liberties.

It’s so easy to share your gratitude with a veteran today. All you have to do is click a link below and send a quick thank you tweet! If everyone picks just one name at random, I’m thinking we should be able to give all these patriots a Memorial Day note of appreciation.

You could also consider a donation to the USO, Wounded Warrior Project, or a similar charity in the name of one of these soldiers, sailors, aviators, or Marines.

And if you don’t see your name below and you’d like it to be included, just leave your information in the comments section, or hit me up via Twitter.

Most importantly, let me say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart, and God bless you for the sacrifices you have made.

@Philly1622: Philip’s wife, Lindsey Schmelzer, is first lieutenant serving at Hickam Airforce Base.
@cbj4sc: Both Steve Barry (23 years) and his wife Theresa (8 years) have served in the Army.
@mrbeautiful36: Cpl. Tim Leslein was a member of the U.S.M.C. from 1992-1996.
@GQCOP45: Glen gave 22 years to the United States Air Force.
@tjnocar: TJ Nocar was a member of the US Marine Corps for 4 years.
@brownsfan1947: Vic Meyers, worked in munitions maintenance (ie. loaded bombs) in the United States Air Force for 4 years.
@TexBucki: LT Paul Novess, HSM-71 Raptors out of San Diego, California, just returned from 8 month deployment 3 weeks ago. He has served 3.5 years in the Navy.
@jwmort: Both Jeffrey (1979-1994) and his wife Merilee (1980-present) are members of the US Air Force. Their son, Patrick, served in Afghanistan as a member of the United States Army. He’s how a student at OSU.
@s_hamzee: Shawn Hamzee is a 21-year veteran of the Navy.
@usafbuckeye: Don Morris is on 11 years, and counting, of service to the Air Force.

Added note: Yes, I do know the proper time to salute our veterans for their service is Veterans Day, not Memorial Day.

However, there’s a reason I’m taking this opportunity to honor all those who served: both those who gave all and those who “merely” risked all. In fact, it’s rather simple. Most employers grant this day off, but people work on Veterans Day. So this is the best time to spotlight all our military members in the way they deserve.

(There’s another consideration, and that is November 11th will be the day of an Urban Meyer luncheon. So this way, there’s less clutter to cut through.)

Bottom line, this was given a lot of thought to avoid shortchanging anyone.

So, we’ll end with this: There is a worthwhile distinction to acknowledge here, in that this a good time to remember how thankful we are that these remarkable Americans are still around for us to salute, and a good time to throw up some prayers for those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom.


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