Taking a Flyer on Mason

Goalie Steve Mason played in seven games with the Flyers after the Blue Jackets traded him to Philadelphia. He had a .944 save percentage in those games, while allowing an average of just 1.90 goals per contest.

Is that enough to convince the Flyers that Mason’s struggles are behind him? (And not all that far behind him, at that. The 24-year-old’s numbers with the CBJ earlier this season were .899 and 2.95.)

It certainly sounds that way.

“I think he was beat down a little bit in Columbus, and I just think he needed a change,” said goalie coach Jeff Reese. “He’s always had the talent. It’s just a matter of building him back up and getting the confidence.”

“It’s not like he’s just a kid right out of juniors,” added team owner Ed Snider in a discussion with the Philadelphia Inquirer. “He had great credentials coming into the NHL, and those credentials don’t just float away.”

In fact, according to Snider, Mason’s late-season run was one of the highlights of the Flyers 2013 campaign. (Jake Voracek’s play was the other.)

So, as of now, it seems like Philadelphia will be betting on Mason duplicating that next year.


One thought on “Taking a Flyer on Mason”

  1. It is bad when a goalie gets booed when he is announced as a starter in his home arena. He became the poster boy for the teams bad years after the playoff appearance. I hope he does well but if he has a bad stretch, Philly might make him wistful for the hate in Columbus.

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