Rogers Ponders Return

Former Columbus Crew player Robbie Rogers gave an interview to ABC this week discussing the challenges of coming out, and at the end of the Nightline piece said, “If I go back to soccer, I want to go back to soccer as Robbie, soccer player. I don’t want to go back as this gay athlete. I love the sport, and I love being an athlete, so I just want it to be that simple.”

Rogers stepped away from the game after revealing the truth about his sexuality, but the fact that he’s hinting at a comeback has the Chicago Fire pointing out that they hold his MLS rights.

“We continue to be in touch with (Rogers),” Fire executive Javier Leon told the Chicago Tribune. “Robbie is not ready to make a final commitment to return to competitive soccer…[But] we would like to have him play for us.”

Because he has family in LA, however, Robbie has actually working out with the Galaxy.

Does that cause MLS Commissioner Don Garber to worry about tampering?

“Well, I am comfortable with the way it’s been managed,” Garber told Columbus Dispatch reporter Adam Jardy. “We’d love to see Robbie back in the league. By the way, we’d love to see Robbie back in the league regardless of the announcement that he made when he was over in England. He was a great player.”

Rogers turns 26 in a little more than a week, and his rights were traded to Chicago as part of the deal that brought Dominic Oduro to Columbus.

To hear more from Commissioner Garber, including his thoughts on the Crew’s ownership situation, check out the video below.


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