There were a lot of winners thanks to the Blue Jackets 3-1 victory over the Stars last night. They included the Blue Jackets Foundation, the Red Cross, the Mid-Ohio Food Bank and the USO of Central Ohio.

You see, CBJ fans, hoping to inspire their team, decided to take part in the time-honored tradition of putting “money on the board.” Now usually it’s players and coaches pledging to donate in honor of a goal, or save or important win. However, Jackets supporters have adopted this as a way of “Joining the Battle” and contributing–in their own way–to the team’s success.

In Columbus there is a history of such generosity.  Never, though, had they been able to put so much on the line…when so much was on the line.

The Blue Jackets kept their playoff hopes alive last night. Numerous local charities also benefited. It was a money performance indeed.

The Union Blue has the details, which include:

  • 140 people (and two dogs) pledged a charitable donation in name of the Blue Jackets.
  • The Blue Jackets Foundation collected $10 for each of Bob’s 31 saves.
  • At least $39 per goal was donated, with another $87 for each of Cam’s goals, plus $259 for Letestu’s game-winning goal.
  • Fans also donated blood or volunteered their time in honor of the Blue Jackets efforts.

Bloody Right Hes A Jackets FanBlue Jackets fan, Jeffrey Tangey, pays off on his Money On the Board pledge

And Blue Jackets fans could not be stopped by the final buzzer.

Cannot Stop Jackets Fans

It even snowballed beyond Columbus. Fans of the Ottawa Senators “benevolently plagiarized” the idea, and that was noticed by the Sens official team blog.

So kudos to CBJ fans, who have taken ownership of their team in a meaningful way!


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