Tommy Lasorda Don’t Know Jack

The LA Kings were celebrating the “Fourth Annual Dodgers Pride Night” last night at the Staples Center. Players wore Dodgers-themed jerseys in warm-ups. Fans in attendance received a Kings-style baseball.

Kings Play Ball

Even the visiting Blue Jackets received something special: the right to say they were snubbed by former Dodgers skipper Tommy Lasorda.

Yes, there is video evidence.

Oh, the smile on Jack’s face as he skates away! It is, after all, not the first time he’s felt shortchanged in LA.

And are you wondering what Lasorda said to Kings captain Dustin Brown? According to the LA broadcast, using some “salty” language, the 85-year-old instructed Brown to, “Go out and beat these guys.”

And Lasorda did make it clear that ignoring Johnson was not an oversight, explaining to Fox Sports West’s Patrick O’Neal that, “You do not talk to the opposition.”

Thus inspired, the Kings went out and beat the CBJ 2-1.


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