Atlanta, We Have a Problem

The College Football Hall of Fame, which is being built in Atlanta, has released a video to give you an idea of what the shrine will look like.

It seems really cool to me. However, I do have a concern about one of the proposed exhibits. See if you can’t figure out what’s wrong with this picture.

The Game


3 thoughts on “Atlanta, We Have a Problem”

  1. It’s a rendering that’s meant to give people an idea what the experience will be like. If it was fully developed it wouldn’t need another 16 months to finish and open.

    1. JC, I’m very sorry I didn’t make this clear. Yes, I understand the video only gives viewers an idea of what they’ll see. (Read the first sentence of the post.) I wasn’t trying to convey sincere concern, but rather mild bemusement. The Hall of Fame is quite *obviously* not going to build a monument to Harvard and Yale’s rivalry and then instead post the history of Ohio State/Michigan. I just found it funny the English language would suggest it’s impossible to have two games called THE game, and the Hall’s mockup reflects the contradiction.

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