Bollman Sees Green

Michigan State’s new co-offensive coordinator, Jim Bollman, told MLive news that he’s still formulating a plan for how he will share duties with Dave Warner on game days this fall. (It’s already been reported that Warner will be the one calling plays.)

Bollman’s other focus now is working with the team’s tight ends and reestablishing his relationship with Spartans head coach, Mark Dantonio, who already regards Bollman “like a brother.”

That familiarity is a large part of the reason Dantonio hired Bollman away from Purdue. The two have shared time at Youngstown State, a previous stint at Michigan State and, of course, Ohio State.

However, compared to his days at OSU, Bollman is taking home a somewhat smaller paycheck these days. A 97.1 The Fan review of Bollman’s contract shows he is making $260,000 annually in base salary now compared to $350,000 in his final season with the Buckeyes.

Bollman’s current arrangement with the Spartans runs from March 4, 2013 to March 31, 2015; but it’s a rolling deal. Therefore, there’s no need to renegotiate should the team want to extend Bollman’s time with Michigan State beyond that term.

Also, the contract with MSU does specifically name Bollman the team’s co-offensive coordinator. (At Ohio State, the Buckeyes used the more generic designation of “assistant football coach” for all members of then coach Luke Fickell’s staff.)

Other requirements of Bollman’s Michigan State deal include treating “players with respect, equality and courtesy;” reporting to the AD or compliance every time there is “reasonable cause to believe” that an NCAA rule has been violated; and supplying “media with sufficient and accurate information.”


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