A Love Letter From Michigan

Between what happened to Brutus at football practice Saturday and what happened at the Ohio State Oval this weekend, it has not been a good few days for Buckeye icons.

What’s that? You didn’t hear what happened at the Oval? Well, a Michigan student, whose online biography identifies him as a “hustler” and a computer hacker, decided to take the old-fashioned approach to the greatest rivalry in sports.

There were no terabytes for this tech-savvy prankster. Just a piece of chalk and a camera. (Click photo to enlarge.)

That Ain't No Love LetterOne tip for our friend from Ann Arbor, though? Next time, you might want to wear a mask.


One thought on “A Love Letter From Michigan”

  1. I think he has on the wrong half of the mask. I will say he either has a set of brass ones or is suicidal. And how did nobody see this happening?

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