Archie Weighs In: Miller Time vs. Matta Time

There are a lot of stories out there today about the friendship between Ohio State’s Thad Matta and Arizona’s Sean Miller. A lot.

One of the most interesting pieces was written by Doug Haller, because he had Dayton’s Archie Miller, who’s worked as an assistant to both men, break down the differences between the two.

“Thad puts a lot of responsibility on you as a coach to make your players better,” Archie Miller said. “In some ways, he may not be as organized as telling you how to do it, but you feel great pride when you’re with Thad and with your ability to connect with players every day.

“The thing you take from Sean as a coach is you’re being developed. You’re going to understand how to build an off-season program, how to build a philosophy on defense. Everyone’s going to talk the same. Working with him was a big help in terms of, if you’re starting your program from scratch, this is how you’re going to do it.”

To help kill time before tonight’s tip between the Buckeyes and Wildcats, you can check out the entire article. Haller also shares stories that illustrate Matta is a little bit of a homebody, and tales that will have you watching your wallet should you ever meet Miller.


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