Meyer Wows the Crowd

Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer spoke to the Pro Football Hall of Fame Luncheon Club in front of what was described as a standing room only crowd, which gave the Buckeye head man a standing ovation as he entered.

There have been a number of articles written regarding Meyer’s appearance, and every reporter seemed to take away something different from the event.

Marla Ridenour from the Akron Beacon Journal, for instance, found it interesting that coach Meyer professed his loyalty to both of Ohio’s pro teams.

“I’ve already talked to the Browns, the owner Jimmy Haslam; I love them,” Meyer said. “I hope they take our guys because we’re big Browns and Bengals fans.”

Ridenour also mentions that Meyer has invited Bengals coach Marvin Lewis to talk to his Buckeyes before the Spring Game.

Plus, Ridenour wrote a second piece that focused on how much Meyer was willing to share of himself personally with the audience. The anecdotes here are excellent, and include Meyer’s reaction to the first time his son, Nathan, was tackled in a football game. (In short, Meyer told him to, “Get up.”)

David Harpster is writing for an audience in Massillon, so quite naturally, he turns his attention to Meyer’s ties to the area.

“It’s the purest form of football in Northeast Ohio,” Meyer said. “It’s the toughness, the commitment, the dedication and the love of the game. It’s the toughness that it brings out in you. … What does football teach us? What does Northeast Ohio teach us? You’re going to get hit right in the face, and you have to get right back up. You have no choice.”

According to the Canton Repository’s Steve Doerschuk, Meyer’s speech was peppered with moments of humor, including a fan who challenged Meyer to, “Before you play Michigan, to say they suck and we’re gonna kick their (backsides).”

Meyer didn’t exactly say no.

Mike Popovich also writes for the Canton Repository, and his story today deals a great deal with Meyer’s reaction to the 2012 season.

“He called it one of the most ‘refreshing years’ he has ever experienced.”

Popovich includes an interesting detail in his piece. Meyer apparently has two jerseys hanging in his office: those of Tim Tebow and John Simon.

It sounds like no audience member came away empty-handed. If you weren’t able to attend, these stories might just be the next best thing. Every link is worth checking out should you have the time.


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