Open to Closing

Over the weekend, Reds pitcher Aroldis Chapman said he would prefer to remain the team’s closer, rather than transition into a starter’s role, as he has started to do this spring.

GM Walt Jocketty said the Reds would take it into consideration, but ultimately they would do what’s best for the club.

And an anonymous scout told Ken Rosenthal that Cincinnati should move Chapman back to the bullpen, or else risk him becoming another Joba Chamberlain.


One thought on “Open to Closing”

  1. I honestly don’t understand the drive to make Chapman a starter, though I am open to being convinced. It just seems like he is dominant at the end of the game and combines with Marshall and Broxton to create a new Nasty Boys that shortens the game to six innings. Moving him to the rotation weakens the bullpen and potentially also weakens the rotation. Somebody tell me what I’m missing.

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