Not the Crean of the Crop

One of my nicest Twitter followers is an Indiana fan. He handles wins and losses with class, and always congratulates the opponents when they play well.

I told him that the Hoosiers now remind me of the way I felt about the St. Louis Cardinals when Tony LaRussa was leading the team.

You have to admire the tradition, the passion of the fans, and respect what the team is accomplishing…but, man, the guy in charge makes it hard to root for them.

Case in point, here’s what CBS’s Doug Gottlieb quotes a Big Ten coach as saying about Indiana’s Tom Crean:

“He never played, so he has this insecurity wrapped up with being totally aloof from how things are done. He has a hell of a team, but I have no use for the guy and his handshake antics, or his full-court press when he is up 30.”

Thanks to Bob Baptist for linking to the article.


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