A Colorful Issue

Today the NCAA failed to approve a measure that would have required teams to wear jerseys or pants that contrast with the color of the field.

And that got NCAA rules expert, John Infante, thinking about an issue we once discussed here at “Fear The Hat.”

Number One Issue

So how is Michigan’s “Bleed Out” uniform, which is all yellow with yellow numbers, legal?

According to an NCAA spokesman:

“Waivers to the rule were provided by the Division I Men’s Basketball Rules Committee to allow the wearing of these uniforms…These waiver requests were submitted by the schools asking for permission to use the unique jerseys.”

Then I spoke to a Michigan representative, who told me that either the school, or the apparel company (in Michigan’s case, Adidas) can request the waiver. Although, in practice, that means it’s usually a joint effort. “We would work together to make sure that it has been sent into the NCAA,” said Dave Ablauf.

Does this mean we can expect to see “Scarlet Fever” jerseys at Ohio State, or perhaps Boise State football wearing blue unis with blue numbers on their blue turf?

Not neceessarily. Infante informs me the NCAA is “getting sick of waivers to uniform rules.”

So maybe soon, someone will stop the bleeding.


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