Cheering For Michigan

Ohio State men’s basketball is rooting for Michigan. Yes, the rivals from up North. Yes, the team that occassionally confuses OSU with the Ohio Bobcats.

But if the Buckeyes beat Illinois and Michigan defends their home court when they host Indiana Sunday, then OSU would grab a share of the Big Ten title.

So, Ohio State fans, now might be a good time to remind the Wolverines that they owe you.


2 thoughts on “Cheering For Michigan”

  1. That really gets you, doesn’t it? The whole, “Ohio,” thing. That’s as mad as I’ve ever heard you get on the air.

    1. Yes, it really does. “Ohio” is the name I bled for in college, and some Michiganders use it like it’s some dang insult. Plus, the Bobcats have “Ohio” trademarked. Incidentally, just like “Michigan” has “Michigan” trademarked. My school raises much needed money that way.

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