Game of Inches

The conventional wisdom is that college football teams exaggerate the height of their players. I don’t know what would be gained from such gamesmanship. It’s not like an opponent is going to change their plans because your receiver is 6’2″, not 6’3″.

But for the heck of it, I thought I’d compare the heights OSU has listed* for the seven players who attended the NFL combine versus their heights as measured by the NFL.

Zach Boren:
Height listed by OSU-6’1″
Height listed by NFL-5’11”

Reid Fragel:
Height listed by OSU-6’8″
Height listed by NFL-6’8″

Johnathan Hankins:
Height listed by OSU-6’3″
Height listed by NFL-6’3″

Etienne Sabino:
Height listed by OSU-6’3″
Height listed by NFL-6’2″

John Simon:
Height listed by OSU-6’2″
Height listed by NFL-6’1″

Jake Stoneburner:
Height listed by OSU-6’5″
Height listed by NFL-6’3″

Nathan Williams:
Height listed by OSU-6’3″
Height listed by NFL-6’3″

Considering the lengths (no pun intended) that the NFL goes to standardize their measurements, this could be nothing more than players no longer (again, no pun intended) getting away with standing on tippy toe or tilting their chin in just such a way to gain an extra inch.

Or it could be yet more proof that this past season, Ohio State players were playing over their heads. (Pun very much intended. And don’t groan. I could have gone with, “OSU was standing tall.”)

*Heights given are the most recent provided by the Buckeyes. In other words, they are those recorded in the roster handed out right before the Michigan game.


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