Packed Press Box

The Blue Jackets today dismissed general manager Scott Howson, so it’s unlikely the CBJ will be doing any wheeling and dealing in the immediate future. However, there wasn’t much elbow room in the Blue Jackets press box last night. There were around 18-19 scouts listed as being in attendance at Nationwide.

What was interesting is that among those watching the CBJ take down the Sharks were several individuals who are more than just pro scouts.

Don Luce is the Philadelphia Flyers director of player development. The Penguins and Blackhawks both sent their directors of player personnel in Dan MacKinnon and Pierre Gauthier respectively.  (Gauthier is the former Canadiens GM and was here for the game against Edmonton the night before as well. Oilers GM Steve Tambellini traveled with his team, too.)

Finally, Canadiens assistant GM Larry Carrière had a seat saved for him when the Jackets faced off with San Jose.

What does this mean? Maybe little. As Mike Arace pointed out today, Monday’s NHL schedule was a relatively light one (six games), and with no interconference play, the Sharks aren’t going to be this far east very often this year (although their current road trip takes them through Nashville, Chicago, St. Louis and Dallas).

In a compacted season, though, the trade deadline of Wednesday, April 3 at 3:00 p.m. is coming, and coming fast.


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