Wanna Bet?

It’s been almost a week since Ohio State beat Michigan 26-21 in “The Game,” and what’s happened since the final whistle has been almost as remarkable as the contest itself.

OSU assistant Mike Vrabel apparently had a bet with Patriots quarterback and Michigan alum, Tom Brady, which Brady has now paid off.

Vrabel Sacks Another Quarterback

Former Wolverines kicker Jay Feely made a similar arrangement with teammate Chris “Beanie” Wells, and that appears to be working out well for him.

Gives You a Warm Fuzzy Feely, Doesn't It?

Oh, I think I want a closer look at that avatar, don’t you?

Property of Ohio State, indeed.

But those aren’t the only noteworthy reactions to the Buckeye victory. One man downed a whole bottle of hot sauce in celebration. Another streaked down the street in OSU boxers. (Umm…besides the boxers there’s at least one four-letter expletive in the video linked. You’ve been warned.)

These are people, though, who seem to have lost some sort of wager. To find someone motivated by nothing but sheer, unbridled joy we turn to Joe, Sam, and Nick.

You’ve found a brilliant way to mirror the Mirror Lake jump, gentleman. Well done. Very well done.


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