The Gangnam Is All Here

I’ve been checking out YouTube, and it looks like all that’s airing are re-runs…But, man, they’re my favorite episodes!

Yes, we’ve already seen flash mobs at the Ohio Union. It happened in 2010 when they famously performed to “Don’t Stop Believing.”

It happened again in 2011 as students boogied to “Thriller.” (Sorry, Zombie in the back. You look more drunk than undead.)

And now?

I love a good flash mob…Heck, I love a bad flash mob. (Looking at you, zombie in the back.)

I have to wonder, though, am I the only one in Columbus who has yet to be caught on camera dancing “Gangnam Style?”

(Here’s guessing that the Ohio Union releases a snazzily produced version of this next week, especially since there’s a “Beat Michigan” sign involved. Hopefully, they’ve got the “Beat Michigan” signed fixed by then. Look closely. The first part is upside down, so it reads “Beat IWchigan.”)


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