The Organizer of the Carrier Classic says that despite the fact that this year’s basketball game between Ohio State and Marquette had to be canceled due to condensation on the court, they plan to stage the event again in 2013.

They’ll chance it because they believe problems this year were caused by a “weather anomaly” ie. the dew point temperature was reached some seven hours earlier than expected.

And if that happens again, Mike Whalen says they have a simple answer, one that–perhaps ironically–they are treating like a military secret.

“We came up with a solution over the weekend, and we have 100 percent confidence that our solution will work,” Whalen told The Post and Courier. “It’s actually a pretty simple solution, but I’m not going to go into the details.”

“Some of the other games have had their own issues,” Whalen continued. “They are the competition, so let them find out.”

In the end, they are certain enough that they can avoid problems in the future that they are are discussing a three-year deal to keep the Carrier Classic at the Yorktown.

Whether Ohio State would accept another invite, though, is a question mark, according to the Columbus Dispatch.


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