Hey, Now. You’re an All-Star.

Blue Jackets fans are conditioned to believe the NHL wants them to suffer. Actually, make that Suffer with a capital “S.”

From realignment to the draft lottery to clock-gate, the CBJ have received the short end of the stick too many times.

So when it comes to the All-Star Game, there’s no doubt that the NHL will certainly, without question…

Wait. What exactly is the worst case scenario now?

Make no mistake, canceling this year’s game is a poke in the eye of the Jackets. That’s especially true if the NHL ignores the precedent set by this season’s Winter Classic. When the event in Ann Arbor was canceled, the league immediately announced that they would be the host city next year.

Columbus deserves that same consideration. If the All-Star game goes by the wayside, the NHL should immediately announce that the next available game (whether 2014 or 2015 due to the Olympics) is theirs. Will they?

Haven’t we already established these are the Blue Jackets?

However, there’s also an argument to be made that asking Columbus to host the game this year is really the worst course. The logic there would be that to be a real All-Star Game, it needs to be part of a real season.

As it stands, the schedule is likely to be compressed, making it even less likely that players will want to give up days off. That’s on top of the fact that players and fans are still likely to have a bitter taste in their mouth this January as the result of the lockout.

If there’s one thing worse than hosting an All-Star Game, the reasoning goes, it’s hosting an All-Star Game in a year when the event is sure to be as stilted and joyless as dancing with your brother or sister.

So where do you fall?


One thought on “Hey, Now. You’re an All-Star.”

  1. I’m none too worried about the All-Star game being canceled. I wish they would get it over with. Columbus will get the next one, and hopefully by then, the Jackets will have a legitimate all-star in their roster.

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