Got Swag?

Braxton Miller’s ability to cut right to left, and back again, rivals most politicians. Carlos Hyde can imitate a runaway train at times. And Devin Smith’s one-handed touchdown catch, soaring over an opposing defender and snagging the ball as if he was wearing velcro gloves, remains of the top plays of the college football season.

Yes, there’s no doubt about it. Ohio State’s football players have some real moves.

However, if you need even more proof, “Fear the Hat” humbly submits the following video.

In what’s steadily becoming a thing, OSU players have started grooving as the band performs “Buckeye Swag,” before then going on to sing Carmen Ohio. This particular dance break took place after the team’s 52-22 win over Illinois.

We have a message into the Big Ten seeking confirmation that Ohio State leads the league in players who can bust a move, but frankly, it’s probably not even close. Even the grad assistants at OSU can get down.


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