Now This is Playoff Madness

You’ve heard of bracket busting on the court. Now here’s a case of bracket busting in court.

Ohio’s high school fotball playoffs are a jumble after a judge ruled today that the Ohio High School Athletic Association must factor in a forfeit by John F. Kennedy high school.

Why hadn’t OHSAA done that already? Because while the athlete who caused JFK to forfeit failed to meet his school district’s academic standards, he had met all OHSAA requirements.

The end result of all this is that it looks like Cleveland Heights and Beachwood are now in, and Mayfield and Ashtabula Edgewood have been knocked out.

If you want more background on the case, the Plain Dealer has done an excellent job covering the story.

And the Ohio High School Athletic Association has just released the following statement:

“The OHSAA was notified today of a Cuyahoga County court’s decision to rule in favor of Cleveland Heights regarding the football eligibility of another school, which results in Cleveland Heights receiving enough computer points to earn the eighth and final spot in the Division I, Region 1 playoffs. The OHSAA is working with its legal team and the legal teams of the schools affected by this decision to pursue our next course of action. Because of second-level computer points, the court’s decision has many implications for other teams and regions of the playoffs, which are scheduled to begin Friday night. To be clear, the student-athlete in question at the school which forfeited its game was eligible by all OHSAA standards.”


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