Buckeye Bullet Points: The Kenny Guiton Show Edition

Given the dramatic nature of last week’s overtime win against Purdue, it will not surprise you to hear that the victory over the Boilermakers was the subject of much of the discussion on today’s Urban Meyer call-in show. In fact, it got to the point where coach Meyer joked, “Is this the Kenny Guiton Show?”

Besides the backup quarterback’s heroics, the other subject that chewed up a lot of Meyer’s time today was the team’s injury situation.

Starting quarterback Braxton Miller figures predominantly in that. “He’s good,” Meyer assured listeners worried about Miller’s neck. “He had a really good day yesterday throwing the ball really well.”

In fact, Meyer said Miller did extra work Tuesday to make up for the conditioning he missed while resting up Sunday.

The news was not quite so positive for running back Jordan Hall, who has reinjured his knee. “I think there’s being a message sent from above saying, you know what? This isn’t his year,” said Meyer.

“We did do the homework. He does have a redshirt available. We will not put him on that field unless he’s ready.”

In Hall’s absence, Carlos Hyde has stepped up, but Meyer mentioned Hyde is now dinged up a bit. Linebacker Storm Klein has a disc injury in his back that he’s battling through.

Although Hyde and Klein are still expected to play Saturday, all the bumps and bruises have left Meyer wondering if they’ll have 70 players in their travel party, or if there will be some empty seats in the Buckeyes’ flight over to Happy Valley.

There’s actually been a turnover of 7 players in Ohio State’s kickoff unit due to injuries. That’s crazy.

Other topics touched on by Meyer:

  • The Buckeyes are a little “heavy-legged” as a result of their schedule. They’re the only team in the country that’s 8-0 because all the other unbeatens have had a bye-week…and OSU has two more games to go before they have a weekend off. It has Meyer considering tapering back the practice reps.
  • Meyer knows numbers don’t lie. “You’ll hear people say statistics are for losers. Usually losers are the ones saying that.”
  • One thing statistics can’t measure, however, is momentum, and Meyer says that’s more important the less experienced your team is. At the college level, it’s important enough that Meyer will sometimes make decisions just to change the flow of the game.

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