Maybe If You Hum a Few Bars

Come on now. How many college students don’t know Zombie Nation? This has got to be a trap set by Buckeye wide receiver Chris Fields…a trap I fell right into.

Episodes like this are why my biography will someday be titled Lori’s Story: When An Exciting Life Happens To A Boring Person.


3 thoughts on “Maybe If You Hum a Few Bars”

  1. Lori, I have completed my four years of undergraduate study, a year for my Master’s, I plan to take a year or two for a second MA and finally, the PhD. I have never, nor will I in the years ahead, heard of this thing called Zombie Nation. Lori, I think you’re in your own little world, a slight case of epistemic loneliness if I say so myself. JK Lori ;-P

  2. Having a sense of humor about yourself is a testament to your self confidence. Love your style, and I will continue to read your blog . Keep us informed and entertained.

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