Dance Wars

Ok, so Gangnam Style has officially replaced Call Me Maybe as the “it” song to parody on YouTube. (I would like to point out Ohio’s Marching 110 was on the front edge of this curve…and they did it with tubas.)

Now two of Columbus’ sports franchise have joined the craze.


A less literal interpretation of the original PSY video, it features Brutus Buckeye and the OSU Spirit team.

What it’s got going for it: Creative use of a leaf blower, a cheerleading pyramid, Brutus in glorious slow motion

What it lacks: No E. Gordon Gee? Really?


A fairly spot on recreation, it features Stinger and various other CBJ figures like Dancing Kevin and anthem singer Leo Welsh.

What it’s got going for it: The new Nationwide Arena scoreboard, Dancing Kevin, LEO! and Stinger in a hot tub

What it lacks: Needs. More. Boomer.

Ok, now you’ve seen the contenders!


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