Buckeye Bullet Points: An APB For Tough Guys Edition

The Buckeyes were especially quotable during the first media session of the week. So with that in mind, and in honor of the Buckeyes seven victories, here are the seven best quotes from that get-together with the press:

7) “There’s an added urgency. You could tell after the [Indiana] game, everyone was upset. We knew what just happened, and we want to correct it. We have a passionate group of guys who seek perfection out there, so when that doesn’t happen we get a little upset and we get a little angry.”
-Defensive lineman John Simon on why he expects the Buckeye defense to step it up

6) “I can’t take no pity from anybody from now on. We’re not having any BS. We’re just to just take over, and I’ve just got to do my job. This week is going to be a whole new week. You’re going to see a whole new defense.”
-Linebacker Ryan Shazier assuring OSU fans they’ll see improvement from the Silver Bullets this week

5) “We have always been an offense who is going to run A-gap power with an attitude. We’ve always been an outfit that’s going to run tight zone with an attitude, ok? Now what you’re seeing is, you see Philly, you see our quarterback having a firm understanding of what we’re trying to do out on the perimeter, and it’s starting to cause some conflict on defenses and it’s allowing us to really get in the flow in the run game.”
-Running backs coach Stan Drayton on why the Buckeyes are increasingly able to rush on opponents

4) “We’re 7-0. If you can complain about 7-0, that’s a tough thing to do. Not many teams are undefeated this late into the season. We definitely need to correct some things on defense, and almost all of it is us as players not doing our job.”
-Defensive lineman John Simon on the critics of co-defensive coordinator Luke Fickell

3) “Our whole philosophy is don’t whine, don’t complain, don’t make excuses. My five-year olds know that, my wife knows that. We’re all in the same boat. We would never whine. We would never complain…I actually agree with him.”
-Co-defensive coordinator Luke Fickell on his ultimate critic: A local, 25-year old, unemployed, former pizza delivery man

2) “That’s the ultimate sacrifice. He’s the best fullback in the country, and he’s going to go over and play linebacker, and give up three years of playing fullback, and maybe being All-Big Ten playing fullback to go over there and do everything he can for the team playing defense. So we love him that, and that’s just the guy that he is.”
-Offensive lineman Jack Mewhort on his teammate Zach Boren’s position change

1) “We’re putting an APB out for tough guys.”
-Coach Urban Meyer on what the Buckeyes are doing to shore up their defense


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