The Name Game

The other day we brought you the news that no baby born in the state of Ohio since November 28, 2011 (the date Ohio State hired their football coach) had been given the name Urban.

We promise to stay on top of this pressing issue and follow up, say in nine months?

Until then, here’s a look at how many Woodys, Tressels and Urbans were born in Ohio from 2000-2010.*

2000-0 Woodys, 0 Tressels, 1 Urban
2001-0 Woodys, 0 Tressels, 0 Urbans
2002-1 Woody, 0 Tressels, 0 Urbans
2003-0 Woodys, 2 Tressels, 0 Urbans
2004-0 Woodys, 3 Tressels, 1 Urban
2005-2 Woodys, 1 Tressel, 0 Urbans
2006-0 Woodys, 1 Tressel, 1 Urban
2007-0 Woodys, 4 Tressels, 2 Urbans
2008-0 Woodys, 4 Tressels, 3 Urbans
2009-1 Woody, 5 Tressels, 1 Urban
2010-0 Woodys, 1 Tressel, 4 Urbans

Totals: 4 Woodys, 21 Tressels, 13 Urbans

One interesting note, all of the Woodys born from 2000-2010 were juniors, named after their father.

*Information gleaned from a search of public records


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