Dream The Impossible Dream

This week has been a good week. A week of hope. A week of renewal. After all, if the famously press-averse Jim Tressel can become a member of the media, then what mountain cannot be climbed? What impossible dream cannot be realized?

For instance, Bill Romanowski can now fulfill his ambition of being an anger management therapist, Brady Hoke can become a dietician, and Ron Artest can finally write that post-modernist novel he’s been talking about.

Who’s to say that Usain Bolt can’t become a two-sport athlete…by joining the PGA? If Jim Tressel can become a media personality, then Bill Belichick can enter the world of high fashion. Sammy Sosa can work for Rosetta Stone. Kenny Mayne can open a dance studio. Heck, today Bobby Petrino can become a driver’s ed instructor!

It’s a new day, folks.

If Jim Tressel can become a media member, then I’m updating my resume. 5’3″ super model has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

Here’s a link to Tressel’s first appearance on WKYC. My favorite part? How Tressel rhetorically asks what he can bring to the table, right as he rests casually against the corner of a table! It’s called referencing. Nicely done, Mr. Tressel. Nicely done.


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