Ohio State and Michigan State ADs Resolve Film Exchange Dispute

The Detroit Free Press reported last night that Michigan State was upset regarding the game film Ohio State sent them in advance of their Big Ten opener on Saturday.

“We sent the the edited version that takes out between-play views,” explained OSU athletics director Gene Smith. “We simply sent the unedited version the next day.”

Smith’s counterpart in East Lansing, Mark Hollis, indicated that this had resolved the matter. He refused to comment any further, however.

According to Spartans defensive coordinator Pat Narduzzi, the problem had been that the edits cut out the Buckeyes’ pre-snap shifts and motions, frustrating their efforts to scout the Scarlet and Gray. He told the Free Press that Michigan State had contacted OSU’s non-league opponents and obtained film that way.

“A few other teams we talked to that they played, and we compared what they were looking at on tape to what we were looking at,” he said. “We’re like ‘We don’t see any of that. We see it on their tape but not on our tape.’”

Asked about it after his team’s 17-16 win, Buckeye coach Urban Meyer told reporters he was unaware of any issues regarding video.

The Big Ten has yet to respond to an e-mail asking about league policy regarding the exchange of game film.


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