Palmer on Pryor

Terrelle Pryor was one of the Oakland Raiders’ inactives when they took on the Pittsburgh Steelers. He’s actually third on the Raiders’ depth chart behind Carson Palmer and Matt Leinart.

However, Pennsylvania news outlets like the TimesOnline find the story of the Jeannette, PA native irresistible, so they found an angle in order to write a column about the signal caller last week.

That angle? Ask Palmer about his backup, and boy did they get a glowing answer.

“He’s athletic and one of the most gifted athletes on the field and probably in the league,” Palmer said. “He’s just a phenomenal athlete.

“A lot of guys just grow up being bigger, faster and stronger than everybody and don’t quite have the work ethic. He works as hard as anybody I’ve been around. He wants to be great. He practices hard. He studies hard. He watches a ton of film. He’s got a great combination of God-given ability and skill to go with a great work ethic and a great desire to be a great player…”

“If we had a bunch of guys on (injured reserve), he could probably play any position on the field,” Palmer said. “He’s athletic enough, he’s big enough, and he understands enough about the game to get away with it. But he’s a quarterback. He needs to stay a quarterback for his career. He’s going to have a great chance to be a really good player.”


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