Buckeye Bullet Points: Expecting Greatness Edition

Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer broke very little news on his call-in show today on 97.1 The Fan, but the program was a dream for football wonks desperate for details on the Scarlet and Gray.

Today we learned such intricacies as:

  • Coach Meyer loves the way his assistants communicate on game days. He says it’s professional and calm. If there’s one thing he’d change, he’d like another set of eyes in the booth to help the offensive staff determine where the opposing linebackers are lined up. Meyer says that’s something that’s hurt them the first couple weeks, so he might have a graduate student take that role.
  • The Buckeye defense has so far pressured with either 3 or 5 players. A four-man rush with four underneath defenders is too easy to read and pick apart according to Meyer.
  • Meyer’s offense doesn’t include as much shifting or motion as some of his past teams. Why not? The up-tempo style they run doesn’t allow for it.
  • Ohio State also doesn’t have any 7-step drops in their offensive game plan, because they don’t want the quarterback to hold on to the ball that long. Meyer says that getting sacked creates a negative momentum that tends to snowball.
  • Cal’s Aaron Tipoti is such a talented nose guard, that Ohio State will do some different things with the snap count this week because, “He just jumps the cadence.”

Meyer’s attention to detail is one reason the Buckeyes are 2-0. The other reason is his unapologetically high expectations. Today he told 97.1 The Fan, “Let’s be as honest as we can: I’m looking for greatness.” 

The search for greatness continues this Saturday at noon against Cal.


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