Buckeye Bullet Points: Previewing Knights on Day of Coach’s Show Edition

Urban Meyer’s Buckeyes are getting ready to face Central Florida. They’re an opponent, Meyer told 97.1 The Fan, that they’ve got to approach as if they were a member of the Big Ten.

“The number one concern is good players, the number two concern would be a good coaching staff that’s done a lot of great things,” Meyer said on his call-in show.

“I don’t believe our players will overlook this team at all. It will be one of the top five defensive lines we’ll face over the season, which is a pretty strong statement, and our guys see that.”

Meyer will enter the game without linebacker Storm Klein, who’s still serving a suspension. Beyond that? “We’ll determine next week, next week,” Meyer explained.

Another OSU linebacker, Curtis Grant, should receive more playing time this week, because Ohio State will probably play less nickel defense.

Of course, this will depend on what the Knights run offensively and Meyer anticipates a mix of power and spread.

“Their quarterback is athletic. He’s a tough guy. He’s got good size, so we’re preparing as if we’re going to see both.”

Meyer’s offense will again be without injured running back Jordan Hall, but Meyer informed us that he is indeed closer to returning.

“It’s very sensitive. You’re talking about a kid that would have issues the rest of his life with his foot, so we’ve just got to make sure it’s right.”

Ohio State plays UCF this Saturday at noon on 97.1 The Fan.


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