A Successful Fail Helps Alabama

A social psychologist is arguing that an Alabama booster’s greatest gift to his beloved Crimson Tide was his name.


“In December 2008, the visitors’ locker room at Alabama’s home field was christened “The Fail Room” (in honor of benefactor James M. Fail), and Crimson Tide opponents have experienced precious little success in the years since.”

According to Dr. Rosanna E. Guadagno, “There is some psychological theory that suggests we should see a difference in home games as a result of the Fail Room.”

Failure Magazine (yes, that’s a thing) points out that, “Guadagno is referring to labeling theory, which posits that if you label somebody — by calling them shy or geeky, for instance — it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.”*

Guadagno goes on to say she thinks this is far more effective than, say, painting your locker room pink as Iowa had done…

So does anyone know a Buckeye booster named “Loser?”

*Of course, this doesn’t explain Michigan’s 41-14 loss last night as it was played at Cowboys Stadium.


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