What To Look For vs. Miami

On Offense:

  • Tempo, tempo, tempo. Urban Meyer has vowed that his team will push the pace and keep the pressure up for the entire game.
  • How will the Buckeyes use Zach Boren? He was a perfect fit for Jim Tressel’s offense, creating space by simply bulldozing through opponents. Meyer’s offense, on the other hand, creates space by spreading players out and allowing for a lot more movement by the offensive lineman. However, Boren is too talented to sideline, and he lost weight in order to be a better fit for Meyer’s plan.
  • Is the offensive line much improved? When I asked Corey Linsley if this was a line that could win fans, he laughed…because he knew exactly why I had asked. Much maligned over the past few years, the Buckeyes have a new line coach, new scheme and new attitude.

On defense:

  • There’s a lot of continuity from last year’s offense to this year’s, but one difference is they’re using more off coverage. The coaches reasoned that using press coverage did not allow for the defensive backs to keep an eye on the quarterback and, therefore, anticipate the play. They’re hoping the switch will create more turnovers.
  • Is Curtis ready to take the next step? Admittedly a little overwhelmed last year, Grant now feels ready to handle the responsibility laden position of middle linebacker.
  • Coach Meyer said there was a possibility that this could be an SEC quality D-line. Can they live up to the billing?

Special Teams

  • How freakish is the “Freak Show?” Meyer puts some of his best players on the punt block unit, earning them the designation of “Freak Show.” How disruptive will they be?
  • Drew Basil was honored as one of the Buckeyes hardest workers/best weight lifters. He said the team’s new weight regimen helped add distance to his kicks. What’s his range now?
  • How will the new rules regarding kickoffs (moving the spot of the kick up and touchbacks coming out to the 25) affect the game?

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