Buckeye Bullet Points: First Coach’s Show Edition

Buckeye football coach Urban Meyer spoke on his weekly call-in show on 97.1 The Fan today.

He opened by saying that Wednesday’s practice was terrific, his first 12 plays for Saturday’s game against the Miami Redhawks are now scripted, and Ohio State football is ready to start their journey.

Then Meyer broke some news by saying that defensive lineman Michael Bennett has suffered a groin injury, and he’ll be limited Saturday. “We’re going to get a minimum amount of time out of Michael Bennett,” Meyer told The Fan’s Paul Keels.

A little later he provided an injury update on Nathan Williams, who is returning from knee surgery. He’s “getting closer and closer to being ready to play,” Meyer said.

With those two defensive lineman banged up, Meyer will be a little more reliant on some of the younger players like Noah Spence, whom Meyer raved about. “He’s going to be a fine, fine player soon. How soon? I think it’s going to be pretty soon. He’s going to play in his first game.”

Meyer also had high praise for the Miami offense, saying they have two players who he believes will reach the NFL in quarterback Zac Dysert and receiver Nick Harwell.

And with the Redhawks possessing that type of firepower, Meyer says Ohio State will have to counter by getting to the end zone…a lot.

“If we have an opporunity to score points, we’re going to score as many as we can. That doesn’t have anything to do with running up the score or anything like that. We don’t even think about those type of things. You think about scoring points to go win that game.”

Against an I-formation opponent, that might not be necessary, Meyer argued, but because there’s almost no lead Miami can’t erase, OSU will have to keep their foot on the gas.

Of course, field goals help, too, and Meyer said Drew Basil is one of his first kickers to make it into the gold club, which is comprised of the team’s elite weight lifters and workers.

In addition to making the gold club, Meyer says hard workers are eligible to win his weekly “4-6 second award.” Why 4-6 seconds? “Because that’s the length of a play,” Meyer explained.

The Buckeyes will play at noon this Saturday on 97.1 The Fan.


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