Quote of the Day

From Ohio State wide receiver Corey Brown on the difference between the offensive philosophy last year to this year:

“Coach Tress’s was kind of just play it safe and win the game, as opposed to Coach Meyer’s which is we’re going to go score 100 points, and do this and do that, and try to run scores up, and just have a good time out there. Try to defeat our opponent’s will, just ‘no mas’ everybody.”

(Brown laughed after saying this, so I think he recognized there was maybe a little bit of hyperbole in his remark.)


2 thoughts on “Quote of the Day”

  1. In other words, sportsmanship is officially dead. I’ll bet we’ll see even more of the preening and “look at me” stunts so common in modern football, too. So much to look forward to with the new approach to the game that Meyer brings, but here is some of the downside.

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