Fun With Video

If you have not seen the latest videos of Blue Jackets super fan Tom Larrow, aka Skraut, they were unveiled at Cannonfest yesterday, and they were outstanding…

Skraut not only finds the very best music to tell a story, but he does a great job of seeing that the images reference the lyrics. Most importantly, he always manages to find the storyline. For instance, after a season where the on-ice product was disappointing to say the least, Skraut saluted the loyalty of the fans, who stuck with the team regardless of how much the Jackets underperformed.

You can check out Tom’s YouTube channel if you’re interested in seeing more of his work.

When LeBron James left Cleveland, he defended himself against charges that he was abandoning his hometown by pointing out his hometown wasn’t actually Cleveland, it was the city of Akron. But as a new video shows, it appears the people of Akron aren’t exactly happy with LeBron’s departure.

Now, I’m not a fan of Lebron, but I’m not sure I’d boo him when he’s being honored for his charity work. That’s hardcore.

Finally, it’s not exactly sports-related, but I really wanted to share this video of a dog that has taken up Parkour.

I hope he has one of those microchips, because there’s no way to fence that dog in a backyard.


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