He Has That Effect

This makes me laugh…

So that’s the Gus Johnson effect, huh? I wonder how this would work for some of the other broadcasters I enjoy.

  • The George Matthews effect: Can slightly take the sting off yet another Blue Jackets loss
  • The Paul Keels effect: Makes a Buckeye basketball game sound like target practice
  • The Tom Hamilton effect: Turns your peanuts into Pop Rock and your Cracker Jacks into Red Bull as you get really, Really, REALLY excited about even the balls hit to the warning track
  • The Marty Brennaman effect: Scores the game with you while you munch a hotdog from the third-base side after having caught a foul off the bat of your favorite player.
  • The Dave Lapham effect: Invites a long lost, goofy in a charming way, cousin into your speakers
  • The Paul Keels effect part II: Makes a Buckeye football game sound like an incredibly gorgeous guy with piercing eyes and a smile with enough wattage to melt butter and pick-up lines written in velvet ink…I’m sorry. What were we talking about? Oh, yeah. Buckeye football. Guys, you can come up with your own version.

And feel free to suggest your own in the comments section!


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