All Those In Favor…

Public Policy Polling center does some great research, and their latest findings should be especially interesting to sports fans.

They found that former Ohio State coach Jim Tressel still has a higher approval rating (65%) than current head man Urban Meyer (60%). However, more fans would rather have Meyer at the helm.

Of those polled, 38% want Meyer holding the clipboard, 33% Tressel and 29% are unsure.

And perhaps not surprisingly, given the way Tressel’s OSU career ended, Tressel’s unfavorablity rating (14%) is higher than the percentage of respondents who disapprove of how Meyer has handled himself so far (2%).

PPP also asked about Ohioans NFL preferences and they summarize those answers thusly:

37% of Ohio voters identify themselves as Browns fans to 21% who go with the Bengals. But they’re realistic about the calibers of the respective teams- 40% think the Bengals will have a better season to 26% who pick the Browns.

(The sports-related questions are #8-#13, so if you’re interested in knowing how many people do NOT consider themselves to be OSU fans, check it out.)


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