Buckeye Bullet Points: First of Two-A-Days Edition

The Buckeye football team hit the field twice today, and we know that at least the first of those sessions went well.

“I think it was a physical day and we got after it,” said backup quarterback Kenny Guiton when he spoke to reporters at the Woody Hayes Center. “It was offense and defense going at it in short yardage, so it was fun to see who was going to go get that yard, or who was going to stop someone from getting that yard.

Linebacker Curtis Grant had an even more colorful description of the goings-on at training camp. “Coach Meyer brings out a different beast in everybody,” he said. “He makes everything so competitive, that you want to compete, because if you don’t compete, you’ll get embarrassed.”

We weren’t able to watch practice today, but according to co-defensive coordinator Everett Withers, there was nothing much new to report on the injury front.

“Defensively, we’re pretty healthy. You always have the bumps and bruises of camp,” Withers said. “Guys have to fight through it, and we have to do a great job of monitoring the guys who are practicing and the guys who aren’t practicing.”

From an offensive standpoint, the Buckeyes have confirmed that wide receiver Evan Spencer has a bruised knee.


  • OSU’s morning workout was at the Harmon Family Football Park, and the afternoon was spent along Ackerman Road. Why? Coach Meyer wants his team to get used to playing in a variety of different conditions.
  • Withers injury update would be especially good news when it comes to Jamie Wood, because we know he was carted off at the end of practice Tuesday.
  • Not an injury, but an illness: Ohrian Johnson was scheduled to meet with the media today, but he instead held a long in-depth discussion with a garbage can between the practice field and the locker room.
  • When it was pointed out to Withers that Bradley Roby has suggested he can play both defensive back and wide receiver, Withers joked about Roby’s abundance of confidence. “Well, he’s one of those guys who thinks he can fly to the moon also.” Withers went on to praise Roby’s talent and drive.
  • What about Guiton playing a second position? Michigan has Devan Gardner learning wide receiver just to make sure they can get the Wolverines signal caller some playing time. Meyer has raved about Guiton, and Guiton is an athletic QB. “I’d be excited if someone thinks I can do that,” Guiton answered when asked about the possibility of picking up an additional role. “That sounds pretty fun, but I don’t know if we’re going to get into any of that.”
  • Don’t worry. There’s no math involved, but there are some numbers to share from today. One, we learned that Grant ran a 4.6, 40-yard dash. He would like to get that down to at least a 4.5. And Christian Bryant told us that he weighed 185 last season and is up to 193 now.
  • Grant and Bryant are among a number of Buckeyes this fall who have sung the praises of this year’s freshman class. Some of the accolades have come unprompted.
  • Bryant singled out David Perkins, Noah Spence and Devan Bogard as freshman who have stood out. Indeed, shortly after Bryant made that comment, Bogard became the first of the Buckeye rookies to remove his black stripe.
  • Grant believes his past season might provide a good lesson to the youngsters this season. “It was a good experience and a good story to tell the freshman so they don’t make the same mistakes I did,” Grant said. Grant’s mistake? According to him, overthinking when he should have just gone out and played.


  • Offensive line coach Ed Wariner thinks there’s been substantial improvement along the O-line from this past spring to fall camp: “What a difference there is in this mentality of hitting it in there, being physical, playing hard, attack, so I like where we’re headed in that direction.”
  • In the wake of the ESPN piece regarding Urban Meyer’s evolution as a coach, one of his assistants was asked, is Meyer having fun? Withers answer: “Oh, yeah. Yeah, I think he is. Anytime you’re a head coach and you’ve got a team that goes and works and does what you ask them to do, you have fun as a head coach.”

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