Buckeye Bullet Points: First Team Practice Edition

Urban Meyer told the Buckeye football team today to forget being “rah-rah” players and instead focus on bringing extra effort to every single moment of practice. “You want to really impress someone? Go plus two and finish your drills. Do it better today.”

“Plus two” Meyer explained later means that when you’re asked to do ten push-ups, you do 12. When the whistle blows, you take two more steps.

“It’s easy to be average,” said Meyer, and he plainly wants more than average.

This afternoon’s workout in helmets and shells was the first time the entire Buckeye squad has practiced together. (The freshmen were separated out on Friday so they could learn the basics of how to go through drills without being disruptive.)

And what did Meyer see in today’s session? He said he was happy there was a carryover from this spring in terms of offensive performance. In fact, Meyer said he could tell that certain players had a very productive summer.

He praised the team’s execution and singled out Devin Smith, CJ Barnett, Jamal Marcus, and Braxton Miller for extra praise.

And a little extra emphasis was placed on special teams. Meyer started and ended the day working with specialists.


  • The freshman are all wearing black stripes on their helmets. Presumably, they will have to earn the right to take them off.

  • On the injury front: Jordan Hall and Nathan Williams spent the entire day doing rehab work with the trainers. Hall’s foot is still in a boot, but after practice Meyer said Hall and Williams were “on or ahead of schedule.” Jacoby Boren, meanwhile, took part in some drills, but when he had to do something other than snap the ball, he was pretty much being held out.
  • Curtis Grant missed practice, but that’s because he was spending time with an ailing grandfather. He could be back with the Buckeyes as soon as tomorrow, but in any case, Meyer said the team’s thoughts are with Grant’s family.
  • Meyer said he’s waiting to see how the legal process plays out for Bri’onte Dunn before deciding if he’ll punish the running back for his traffic stop. Jake Stoneburner and Jack Mewhort are on track to have their scholarships restored, after having to pay their own way this summer as a result of what Meyer deemed a “stupid” act, which led to their arrest.

And since Meyer is asking for two more…

  • The running backs did a drill they called a “chicken fight” which looks almost exactly like you would imagine.
  • Garrett Goebel started the day wearing a GoPro camera (see below), but it was off by the end of warm ups.


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