Oh, Captain! No Captain.

Blue Jackets players James Wisniewski and Derek Dorsett were working out at Nationwide Arena today. After they finished, they took a minute to speak to 97.1 The Fan.

You can tell a lot by their tone of voice, but almost just as telling is that they weren’t asked about the Nash trade.

Both players were instead asked how they feel about this being a “new era for Blue Jackets hockey?”

So the fact that both started by addressing Nash’s departure says a lot about the relationships Rick formed with his teammates.

I, for one, am very grateful that Nash was traded. Oh, I’ll miss Rick. He always seemed like a super sweet guy. But his trade allowed me to make the front page of the Dispatch sports section, and–as a friend of mine noted–it’s a photo that proves my face is a real “Ten.”

Sigh. This is what I get for asking them to get my best side.


One thought on “Oh, Captain! No Captain.”

  1. I saw this this morning and thought first the NHL draft and now this. I guess we know who will be in the front row waving her mike around at the All Star Game. What kind of bonus do you get for getting 97.1 the free advertising?

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