Here Are the Answers


On whether another move is imminent…

“If there’s something there that makes us better, yeah, but I didn’t acquire these assets to try and move them.”

Are there still areas where he feels it is absolutely essential to make an upgrade before training camp starts?

“Not necessarily. If there’s anything we’re going to add to, it’s forwards, and we’re always looking to improve our goaltending.”

Considering the way a player’s attitude toward a trade can affect the early part of their season, does he worry about the reaction of any of the new roster players he’s spoken to so far?

“Do I have concern about any of them not wanting to be here? None.”

Will Dubinsky and Anisimov both play center for the Jackets?

“At least one. I’m not sure about both.”

On reports that he would have gotten a better deal had he moved Nash at the trade deadline…

“I’m not going to comment on any of the reports. This trade was a long time in the making. We made a lot of proposals and counter-proposals back and forth. We’re happy with the return we got.”

Did he come anywhere close to trading Nash before today?

“The closest we would have gotten was before the deadline.”

On the identity of his team…

“Fast and competitive.”

Having now been in charge of several makeovers of the Blue Jackets roster, is this is the biggest change he’s made to the team in the offseason?

“Trading a player like Rick makes it the most dramatic, for sure.”


On how grateful he is to Nash…

“I probably got this job, or got another shot at it, because of how Rick played and the rest of the team played coming down the stretch.”

What does the trade mean for him?

“There are lots pieces, and when you look at it as a coach, the reason why you’re excited is I think you can put three or four solid lines in there.”

Will the Blue Jackets have to score by committee since they parted with their star player?

“I think so, and I think a lot of your offense comes from your defense, and we like our defense. You know, our top 6-7 guys we have right now, get them to start our offense and contribute and make our forwards better.”

What does the team do about the captaincy?

“I think we have 4-5, maybe 6 really good leaders on the team. We have guys we can take a look at now, and by no means do we have to name a captain either. But we have time and we’ll sit down and go through the process.”

What is he looking for from the next captain (should they name one)?

“Lead by example, passion, be an extension of the coaches.”


One thought on “Here Are the Answers”

  1. I know there are a contingent of people who want Jack Johnson as the new Captain (and I wouldn’t be disappointed if he was) but I think if there is going to be a captain this year that Prospal be given the honor.

    And since they are continuing the Civil War theme with Join the Battle, shouldn’t the C stand for Colonel instead of Captain? And I think the coaching staff should all carry sabers to lead the troops into battle like any good General would. Who is the smallest player in Buffalo? (I’ll be here all week, try the veal)

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